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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 17 2017 Compiled 12:04 am EDT 17 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Team via Peggy Black: Support this Planet's Ascension

‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Support This Planet’s Ascension

October 17, 2017
By Paul Backes

We are here, ever ready to support and assist you and all those who request our presence. We remind you of your true power as the divine multidimensional being embodied and experiencing the limitations of a 3D reality. Everything you have been taught focuses on the limitations.

Yes we realize the physical body cannot fly, or move through walls because it has a density. This feeling and experience of density reinforces the illusion of limitations. Remember this is a reality of duality.

You have a physical body which allows you to interface with this dimension and translate the vibrations you are encountering as good or bad. We want to remind you that you also have an energy body that has the ability and true purpose to be in partnership with the physical self.

It is in this partnership and awareness between the 3D physical self and the energy body of the divine conscious self where true creation happens. The shift that is occurring within your realty is the struggle between the limited physical self and the unlimited divine self.

This struggle is happening within each individual and it is magnified and witnessed by the collective. Imagine each and everyone is being stimulated, activated, quickened to realize that they are more than the physical body that certainly feels real. This quickening will continue within the collective since you are on course to evolve and ascend into the higher dimensions. The vibrations being offered by the galactic/cosmic forces are bathing every aspect of your planet.

Dense misqualified energies are being pushed to the surface to be transformed. When these dense negative energies are witnessed from your limited physical consciousness you feel hopeless, helpless, frustrated and even angry. Unfortunately those feeling of hopelessness and helplessness, frustration and anger only keep you locked into this dense limited 3D experience.

It is the skill and the tenacity of a true master who is able to witness the events that cause such chaos and tragedy and offer a frequency and vibration that uplifts, shifts and anchors a new template and pattern.

Each and every person who recognizes and remembers that this is one of the reasons that are here again in this limited experience. Each individual has the power, the ability and the responsibility to reach and express a vision, a vibration, that is honoring of all.

It is especially true and important when the physical expression is one of chaos and extreme tragedy. There are those who are stroking this dysfunction, this chaos, out of their own misunderstanding of who they are, out of their own wounded core and fear. What is offered will activate and call forth all repressed emotions held within the collective.

This triggering of negative and misqualified emotions of fear, hatred, powerlessness and shock becomes amplified and radiates into the entire field. All empathic beings feel these dense emotional vibrations and will easily match them.

Energy will always follow thoughts, so out of unconsciousness and matching the misqualified energies offered, the cycle repeats and repeats, growing stronger and louder each time. It is like an energy net that traps those who are not alert, who are in any kind of denial, or are in a state of conscious slumber.

Wake up, wake up to your personal power and awareness. You are not helpless, you are powerful beyond measure. Own it, live it, call it forth moment by moment. Stay vigilant about how your circuits are activated, what plugs you in, what gives you a charge, what makes you angry. These are the feelings and thoughts that keep you deep in 3D.

Keep reminding yourself to stay aware, to stay fully present in the moment. It is from that fully aware state of consciousness in the moment that one can and does shift this reality, either personal or collective.

Have you an emergency list of the steps that will restore your aware state of consciousness? Practice simply following your breath, long, slow and deep. This simple exercise will affect the physiology of the entire physical body. It is an elegant method to restore your divine consciousness especially when your physical consciousness is in a state of fear, anger, sadness or frustration.

These are the tools we want to remind you to use quickly and often. When you are in a state of gratitude and appreciation every cell of your body, even your very DNA, is expanded. This is the state of vibrational frequency that invites synchronicities to occur in your life and affairs. This is the frequency that imprints the quantum with the new template.

This is the energy that anchors higher awareness into the collective field. These feelings of gratitude and blessings from your divine knowing are truly the magic that transforms all chaotic energies. Even in the midst, especially in the midst, of some form of chaos, this is time to hold firmly to the experience of being aware that you are aware.

Remember to practice good self care. Be in nature, rest and be kind to yourself and others. Practice deep breathing as you send love and appreciation of your physical body. Flow colors through your body, bathe every cell with light. Allow yourself to play in your imagination.

Imagine and practice feeling a different kind of reality. Imagine yourself flying, or moving through the dimensions or even traveling time. Be playful with yourself and allow your thoughts to expand to all the unlimited possibilities. Several times a day allow yourself to shift your thoughts to ones that feel delicious, ones that make you smile or even laugh.

Remember there are enough people still stuck in the worry, fear and frustration mentality. You be the one who generates a higher frequency of clarity and expansion. There is always more to be revealed. Step into your personal power to transform misqualified energies without being ensnared by the negativity or hopelessness.

It is more important now than ever. You planet is undergoing a huge healing and shift from a state of duality to an understanding and collective recognition of oneness. You are here to anchor that very truth. You are here to be aware that you are aware and to share that awareness with others through your words, thoughts, feelings and examples. It is the only thing that will support this planet’s ascension.

We acknowledge you for the courage to be embodied at this time. Trust us when we say you are truly the chosen one, only masters are allowed to be a part of this incredible process of ascension.

We are here to support, guide and remind you that you are a magnificent creator and being of light. the ‘team’

©2017 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available

“‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Support This Planet’s Ascension,” October 16, 2017, via email.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Archangel Michael: I Am Protecting You (Video & Transcript)

Video & Transcript – Archangel Michael: I Am Protecting You

October 17, 2017
By Paul Backes

Archangel Michael assures us that we are always protected, and validates our mission to Love and Serve beautiful Gianna as warriors of love and peace..

Saturday Conference Call, October 7, 2017

Thanks to Mare for the transcript.

For more videos like this, click here to visit The Council of Love’s YouTube Channel.

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of peace, warrior of love, Archangel of love…we all are! And yes, Gabrielle and I, beloved siblings, in many ways like twins, come to greet you, embrace you, fortify you, and protect you this day, this moment and every day and every moment throughout eternity, throughout all time and space, but particularly now during this time of fulfillment.

Let me be very clear with thee…fulfillment is not the receiving of unlimited currency and money, it is not financial gain, it is fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan, of you being the vehicle, the vessel of Her sacred blessings, of the Father’s Warehouse of Heaven, to create Nova Earth.

Now, there has been ample talk, discussion, planning around the creation of Nova Earth. Decades ago, quite literally, Sanat Kumara has come and he has taught you how to create. That does not change, the Universal Laws do not change, your mission and purpose does not change…it is infinite and eternal.

Yes, from life to life there is slight variation, but the essence of who you are does not change. And why does it not change? Because it is brilliant, it is beautiful, it is a spark of light, it is the seed of love that has been implanted within you, in and out of form, throughout all time and space.

But now you are in form and you are literally positioned…not getting into position, not getting ready…you are positioned not only to do my work of peace, Gabrielle’s work of joy, our joint mission of truth, the Mother’s essence of love, the Father’s essence of wisdom, you are positioned in physical reality upon this mighty planet, this Archangel Gianna, to bring forth the dream of the Mother, the wish of the Father.

When we say to you “you are blessed and you are supplied”, we do not simply mean in an either/or reality. You have what you need, you have always had what you need. Now, you may or may not have realized that…that is almost inconsequential because now you know. As agent and angel of change and fulfillment you have what you need, because you are not needy but the fullness of yourself, patterned infinitely by the Mother, by the One.

We always say to you “there is more”, and in this time and space that you are occupying there is most certainly, in every meaning of the word, there is more! The question isn’t what you will do with this, the question is doing it. It is not about acting hastily. It is not about running about. It is the quiet silence of integration. In many ways, just like me, it is moving behind the scenes…not hiding…there is no room or need, by the way, for hiding.

Let me reassure each and every one of you upon this planet and far beyond, I am protecting you. So, do not hesitate to act, but act from the truth of who you are, act from what you know is your mission, unique and individual reflection of the Divine. It is not about scurrying about like a blind cockroach.

It is about being the true angel, archangel, inter-galactic, interdimensional being that you are. And yes doing our Mother’s bidding, but in alignment, in perfect acceptance and action of who you are, about why you have chosen to come at this most difficult period and it’s most rewarding period.

You are not about to engage in the “Golden Age,” Beloved ones, family, friends, you are the “Golden Age!” You are the golden effervescence of joy. Stop denying it, stop seeking it externally.

It is interesting, is it not, that so often we witness and you witness human beings seeking love, externally, when, in fact, all the love is within thee and that every action, every thought, every feeling is in alignment with that love. And then you are like a golden magnet because you draw that to yourself.

And yes, there are times when it means stepping forward, not just a step or two, but going leaps to allow the love to be seen. And at other times, it is standing perfectly still so that you don’t appear threatening in any way.

Come to me, I am your safe spot, I am your sacred space. You know that is the truth of who you are and it is not an either/or, it is not hiding behind closed doors and it is not standing in the middle of the public square. It is the softness and gentleness of yes, allowing yourself, at times, to be seen in the public square, but mostly meandering the golden streets and allowing yourself the quietude, the sanctity, the peace of your sacred space behind closed doors to refill, to renew, to give praise and adoration, to reconnect…yes, to reconnect in the 13th Octave, because that is the home, that is the gift that has been given to allow ascension. It is ascension!

So, embrace it with the deepest part and particle of your being, knowing that I am protecting you, I stand in front of you, I stand behind you, I stand next to you kindly loving you, but also defending you. That is my joy and my job so that you can do yours!

And I am not the only one…you are surrounded by the legions of your guides, yes, but the legions of this Council and by my legions of blue. I am not asking you if you are ready; that question and query has come and gone. What I am telling you, what I am sharing from the depths of my being is that we are ready…and so are you.

And we are in unity, we are in connectedness, we are together in grace, in the fulfillment of the promise.

So, turn to me, yes, with courage, but also with valor, bravery, and peace. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Steve Beckow: Second Past-Life Vasana

Second Past-Life Vasana

October 17, 2017
By Steve Beckow

Credit: Michael J. Fite and angrymagic

I said earlier that I had fallen in love with Sanat as a result of working on a book on the Universal Law in which he largely figures, as Keeper of the Law.

Immediately that brought up a vasana. The triggering process is getting that quick and my radar is getting finer and finer.

I saw that I had fierce, unreasoning loyalties – at times. Very selectively. Once I really bond with someone, as I have with my brother for instance, I’m fiercely loyal. (I think many of us are, really, but I don’t know.)

And when I said I had fallen in love with Sanat, a fierce loyalty to Michael came up. Anyone who looks like they might come between me and Michael, I practically snarl at.

This is the same way it was for anyone who came between me and my brother. My relationship with my brother seems to me to have been preparation for my relationship with Michael.

But the vasana goes much farther back than this lifetime. I get a resonance or fit with my past life as an army general in ancient times.

This is a second instance of a past-life vasana. The other was associated with a life as a medieval monk. (1)

The general was fiercely loyal to his father. Blind, unreasoning loyalty, it feels like, when I really let it out.

That’s remarkable for me because it’s totally different from my experience in this lifetime. Maybe it took this pronounced a swing of the pendulum to counter this fierce loyalty towards my father in that earlier life.

This fierceness I recognize as his, not “mine,” so to speak. It doesn’t belong in this lifetime.

Wow. What a brick wall he was.

I don’t concentrate on past lives, but I can’t ignore this one as I walk the spiritual path of awareness.


Here’s another vasana that went off perhaps a half hour after the first and it was related.

In my musings, I heard myself say:

“If you pit me against anyone, you know I will go with the underdog.”

I was remembering a spat between two friends years ago.

And again I felt this same fierceness, interestingly enough. The two vasanas are linked by the feeling of fierceness.

When I work with a vasana, I entertain all possibilities. So, aside from the explanation of past-life trauma, I also look at the fact that the rising energies are flushing up any unresolved traumatic memories.


If I try to suppress this fierceness, it doesn’t work. It then changes into self-hatred for allowing myself to be subjugated. Again this all fits with past-life history.

In defending the underdog, I’m not defending a principle of divine justice. No, this is a simple, straightforward vasana, that results in the unreasoning, conditioned, automatic behavior of defending the underdog. Sometimes it was suicidal to defend the underdog. Wisdom was subordinated to vasana.

The general belonged to an underdog civilization and “always went with the underdog.”

But I presume the general eventually got over it and would have benefited from the lessons learned. He probably would have developed a compassionate eye for the underdog, rather than being automatic in his response. (2)

Somehow I have to harness this fierceness, meter it out in very small doses or find some other strategy to express it in safe ways. I know I can’t bottle it up – I’m not clear enough with it to do that yet.

I can also invoke the Universal Laws, torch it, ask Michael to take it away – and I do so. Turn down the thermostat. Those days are now over. Let the pendulum return to the middle.

Michael said quite a while ago we’d begin recalling past lives.

“In terms of these past life memories, you are being reminded of what is important for you.

“Many of you will have these flashes of memory and that is because it is to assist you. So do not stay stuck in that one memory. Look at it. Enjoy it. Incorporate it, simply knowing that you are being given – not just the information but the knowing that is going to serve you as you progress in your own [evolution] and becoming, in your journey back to the One – but also in the anchoring and the co-creation with us, in partnership, of this Nova Earth.” (3)

I presume that’s an ongoing process.

When our past-life aspects come in, I now see that there can be some work involved. This is the first time I’ve felt I needed to do work to accommodate what felt to me to be a visit from one of mine.


(1) “A Vasana Rooted in Past-Life Memory,” September 14, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/09/14/a-vasana-rooted-in-past-life-memory/

(2) We’d call that, decades ago, going from being the effect of something to being its cause, going from being victim to being creator.

(3) “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts, AHWAA, October 20, 2016,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/11/02/archangel-michael-come-touch-hearts/

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Wells Fargo Sold Dangerous Investments

Wells Fargo sold dangerous investments it didn't understand, regulators say

by Matt Egan @mattmegan5
October 16, 2017: 4:34 PM ET

Wells Fargo draws bipartisan anger from Congress

Wells Fargo sold customers an investment that was almost guaranteed to lose them money and told them it was a good way to protect their portfolios, authorities say.

Regulators ordered the bank on Monday to pay investors $3.4 million after its advisers recommended "unsuitable" investments known as volatility-linked products that were "highly likely to lose value over time."

Wells Fargo (WFC) pushed customers into these investments as hedges, to protect against a market downturn. In fact, they are "short-term trading products that degrade significantly over time," regulators said, and "should not be used as part of a long-term buy-and-hold" strategy.

It's the latest black eye for Wells Fargo. Over the past 13 months, the bank has admitted opening 3.5 million potentially fake customer accounts, forcing up to 570,000 borrowers into unneeded car insurance, and wrongly charging homebuyers fees to lock in mortgage rates.

Now FINRA, Wall Street's self-regulatory body, has accused Wells Fargo of failing to properly supervise the sale of volatility-linked products. FINRA says reps from Wells Fargo Advisors, the bank's brokerage division, recommended them from 2010 to 2012 "without fully understanding their risks."

Consider the risk posed by one of the most popular choices. The iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (VXX) has lost 99.97% of its value since its inception in January 2009.

"It is absolutely evil. Obviously, Wells Fargo had no idea what they were selling," said Joe Saluzzi, an expert on market structure and co-author of the book "Broken Markets."

Some retail investors (and evidently Wells Fargo advisers) get confused by volatility-linked products. They wrongly believe these instruments track the VIX, a barometer of market turbulence and investor fear. The VIX (VIX) tends to spike when markets plunge.

In reality, buying volatility-linked products is not a bet on the VIX itself. These instruments track short- and medium-term VIX futures. They are a bet on whether the market will be more volatile in the future than people expect.

"It's not meant for retail. Everyone gets trapped in it," said Saluzzi, co-head of trading at Themis Trading.

Inside these investment products, futures contracts are constantly bought and sold, often at a loss. That makes them a terrible choice for mom-and-pop investors who are buying for the long run, not trading actively.

Morningstar researcher Adam McCullough warned in an article last month that holding on to volatility-linked products has "cost investors dearly over the long run."

Wells Fargo didn't admit nor deny FINRA's charges. The bank said in a statement that it has stopped selling the investments and made "significant policy and supervision changes."

"We are committed to helping our clients achieve their investment goals through advice that is regularly reviewed and aligned to their objectives and risk tolerances," Wells Fargo said.

Source: CNN

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Tues. Morning - 10.17.17

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Tuesday Morning, October 17, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Entry Submitted by One of the Meek at 12:25 AM EDT on October 17, 2017

To you all here on idc, I say I love you all for the paths you have all walked to be at (or in) this time and place and on the verge of the greatest time in earths history.

Our history has been misreported for A very long time..written in our blood. Now we shall rewrite it correctly and in love so that all who wish to listen can learn, grow, forgive and and work on finding themselves, as we have been doing, the money will put there minds at at ease..then our REAL work begins.

Signed one of the meek.

"Karmic Balance, Forgiveness and Mercy" by Restive Sage - 10.17.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 12:12 AM EDT on October 17, 2017

If you review those books published by the son of the famous "Sleeping Prophet", Edgar Cayce, you will have a chance to better understand the "law of karma". These books catalog, in a highly organized format, a sizable subset of the many thousands of actual verbatim "readings" recorded as Edgar Cayce went into a trance-like state and responded to questions posed to him. Or you can go visit the "Center for Research and Enlightenment" in Virgina Beach, VA and read them yourselves in their library. Truly amazing material.

The law of karma is generally thought of as a concept associated with Eastern religions, especially Buddhism. I am certain there are many many advanced religious writers and philosophers of deep understanding who should be carefully studied. Yet Edgar Cayce was a family man of ordinary means raised as a Protestant and brought up in a small town in Kentucky.

Most of the early years of his readings reflect medical advice via his unusual trance state, because his fame rested in an ability to prescribe treatments to people whom the doctors had given up on and in some cases written off. Some of these were unorthodox but seemed to have an uncanny grasp of biochemistry and medical issues and, yes, cures. Cayce himself had zero medical training. But his deeper state of consciousness revealed much more.

Over time, it became obvious that he would respond to virtually any question, even those of a metaphysical nature. The answers that were recorded were often strange and seemingly spoken as if possessed of a higher level of knowledge of universal laws.

For example, if someone wrote a desperate letter asking for a reading and treatment for their ailing brother, he would merely ask for a name and an address. Somehow, in the trance state, he could "see" the condition and medical status of the person. Someone he had never met. That alone was impressive.

Understandably, in some cases, the same person would write back and ask "WHY" did my brother become ill.

Interestingly, he could also respond to the WHY question, again, never having physically met the person. In many, many cases it seems, the roots of problems in this life based on the readings could be traced to reincarnational issues and an effort of the soul to balance their karma. Lifetime by lifetime. It seems there is an ascension track for all of us in the universe.

I won't say that I am by any means expert or even adequately knowledgeable in this area of religious thinking or in religion in general. But I am certain that my study of these books and their many captured "readings" had a profound affect on me at the time and I felt as though I had gained an elevated understanding, whether true or not, of universal laws based on my limited perspective.

The law of karma operates within a universe where you have had and likely will have multiple lives. At the most simplistic level, it is similar to "an eye for an eye" in the Torah and Old Testament. If you steal in this life, you sow the seeds of poverty in the next life. And at some point someone will steal something valuable from you. As a male, if you denigrate and harass women, you will be born as a women, not once but many times, often into a society that does not honor women. If you are a woman who uses her charms to narcissistically manipulate men and fail in the nurturance expected of a mother for her child, then you will be born as a man who comes to acquire a large family and many burdensome responsibilities for the lives of others. Or you will be a child who never knows her mother's love. If you kill wantonly, you will be cut down yourself in the prime of life by accident, war or an act of crime, not once but over many lives. If you are attracted to war and commit the acts of a warrior, you will often find yourself in multiple life situations where war has been declared and the battlefield will be your incessant lure. In corrective lives, you will be a child who loses parents in a war, you will be a wife who loses a husband in war and you will be a mother who loses a son or daughter in war. But even among these situational constructs, each life will still have many many years of both positive and negative experiences. Each day will bring the opportunity for the betterment of your soul.

While seemingly harsh, the law of karma, as I perceive it, is actually the means to refine the soul and move toward a more enlightened state. There are many crucial failures along the way. But there are also many successes. Sometimes, the most hardened criminal will "wake up", remembering a subconscious deep-seated teaching or the remembrance of God's love. Sometimes it is a simple act of kindness that someone proffers to them, sometimes it a religious awakening. Sometimes it is an inspiration from the deepest part of the soul where God is whispering to them, benevolently: confess the sins of your life and seek redemption. Of course, redemption does not come cheap. But is a turn for the better and matters more than you know. Can that turn around be sustained? Is your free will the driver of your soul or are the passions of the flesh and the yearning to dominate others your true intent. Attracting the pleasures of the world to you is not a sin, rather, demanding and forcing others to provide you with the pleasures of the world against their will is. The lusts of life can propel us to evil pursuits, doing things we know in our hearts to be wrong. Just remember, though, under the law of karma, the Golden Rule is never wrong.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, the law of karma provides a redemptive path. You can alleviate the endless cycle of guilt and rebirth into a painful undignified life. At some point, even the most dangerous among us, suffers the torment of seeing and understanding what they have been responsible for. In this moment they begin to understand that one can actually create a better reality for themselves. You wake up and one day your inner self, the oversoul, realizes that damnation is not permanent. There can actually be forgiveness. The merchant of death whether it be the criminal, wanton murderer or misguided unethical warrior, once refined, will be granted a life in a body of high intellect to become the healer, healing the bodies of all who come to them seeking relief; or a priest capable of healing the souls of those who come. Their mentors are often old souls, already ascended, who come back to Earth from time to time to teach the medical arts and the benefits of behavioral discipline using structured religion. Some of these old souls go into the study of jurisprudence ie the law because the universe itself has its own laws and our local and national laws try to emulate them. They are attracted to those things that elevate mankind, leading us ever to the pathway that is ascension. They often are often attracted to becoming politicians and leaders. This can be a challenging life choice.

So you see, you never, ever "get away with" anything in this world. Everything you do, believe, study and pursue is known. All of your abilities, talents, hopes and dreams and plans for redemption are also known. Everything evil or dangerous in your yearnings is known. And everything you have ever done, through many lifetimes, is known. Maybe not to your fellow man, but to the universe. Has your life been challenging. Has it been difficult, filled with despair. Has it been rife with physical, emotional and even intense psychic pain? Have you committed criminal acts. Whatever your story, don't think it hasn't happened many times before. Don't ever think you are hopeless. Today is the day that you turn your life, the REAL life, the life of your soul..around. Can you envision a life where you find comfort and peace deep within yourself, where you have banished those feelings that could lead to pain in others, where you have developed a sensitivity to the needs and suffering of others, where you daily act as God's servant in all matters, uplifting those around you and asking nothing in return, training yourself for the many lifetimes to come, positive lifetimes where you exist in a state reflecting your movement out of the cycle of endless pain and grief and living a life than is admired even by the angels/galactics.

You may not be fully refined yet. You may have a way to go in fact. It is that key step in the opposite direction, the act of surrender, that starts you on your path to a new place in the universe. Think you are not important? Not true. The soul is priceless. The refined soul even more so. Regardless of your crimes, sins, misdemeanors and felonies, once you are on the path to redemption, the angels/galactics in heaven applaud and weep with flowing tears of great joy. You see, they have already lived many many lives where they too were not so good. They understand the pressures of planet Earth, with its legacy of privation, pain, sadness, death and destruction. They have already fallen down. And then one day, eons ago in some cases, they woke up within themselves and said..no more. With a direct pathway to enlightenment, the hurdles of the universe became their part of the divine plan.

So moving on to the path of redemption you can keep laughter, love and joy at the forefront of your daily life, knowing that you have made it over that key hurdle of surrender, after having moved life by life into many bodies. You learn the wrenching realization the Earth will always be a trying place, but also the realization that your soul is far larger a thing than a mere planet, and that you are on a solid course for your oversoul's development.

Have you finally realized that the universe is beckoning you higher?

It seems the Earth is a prized destination for those souls who feel that they lack moral fortitude, that they lack a sense of universal love in all situations, that they have been cruel, that they are plagued by the guilt of their failings toward their fellow humanity in previous lives. Sometimes they hurt someone they were very close to. It can be a most demanding environment as we all seem to understand here. It is also prized because the people you meet, the town you are born in, the town you choose to move to, the family you are born into, those whom you would love or marry and those you find yourself working with, even the country you are born in, form a complex matrix that often includes past relationships through time. In this view of the soul-relationship to the universe at large, there is an assumption that there are many dimensions of reality and also that life never really ends. There really is a "heaven" or "paradise" state. It is where you actually see yourself, in the "angelic" state of the afterlife, reviewing the things that you did, the thoughts that you had, the emotions that drove you in many directions, your transgressions and your acts of kindness and love. No one is all bad and no one save God is all good. Even the most ascended of beings come back here and incarnate, now and again, paying homage to their own victory over Earth, often doing much good in the world and saving many souls.

Death is merely a portal into your "intermediate" state of being between lives. So is it the state from whence you are born. Before birth, before you merged your "essence" with the corporal flesh of the infant that became you, you were "there". At some point as a soul you wake up and realize you have had many, many lifetimes in numerous other galaxies and even other dimensions that are non-physical in our sense of the word. This should give us great comfort.

Under the law of karma also, you must forgive in order to be forgiven. Don't hate the convict, the prostitute or the homeless person. Hate that which creates their status. You must convey agape love in order to attract the fullest measure of love from the universe. You must wash the feet of the homeless man to attract the mercy that we have already begged for ourselves through many lives. You must feed the starving child even when you know they will soon die of disease or warfare to attract the REAL blessings of the universe.

If you are a lightworker, you already know of these things. Through the many lives and the many worlds you have learned much and you have returned here, perhaps for the last time in a long time, to do your part to save this world. God wants to see joy and he is seeing sadness. God wants to see justice we promote and adhere to and he is seeing injustice. God wants us to show our wise and powerful inner selves, emboldened by a new plan of mercy and healing that will lead us to a new Golden Age. God's requirements do no lead to less life, they lead to abundance and enlightenment.

Those entrusted with governance and with great knowledge of science have failed the people of this world. Many wealthy people are being rewarded for past gains under the law of karma. But WHAT is the new karma for those that have missed the boat once again? Leaders in a system that has hoarded the riches of the world and used scarcity models of economics to control us should quake. Would their karma say I am not my brother's keeper? How will they heal their souls now? They revel in finery and jewelry while children drink worm infested water and live on one small meal a day. How many lifetimes will it take to expunge that knowledge? They have violated the laws of usury and made debt slaves of whole populations. Will they then be slaves themselves in a horrid corner of the universe? They have toyed with warfare, studied it, honed it, spent vast fortunes on it and enjoyed their parties at home whilst blood was spilled on sodden tortured ground. They have turned a garden into a junk heap. And now they have commandeered Science itself and used it not for mankind's benefit but to control the little pawns and merge it into more and more warfare. To be fair, not all are guilty of sins of commission, but we can see the sins of omission all around us. Perhaps they felt helpless in a system they were born into. That they felt they could never change. I can see that. And in many cases it is we who granted them power ourselves, misguided and uneducated in the true ways of governance. So who really is blame for the travesty that became life on Earth. Who will be charged with this system of slavery that is merely cloaked in different cloth.

So today we stand on the precipice of severe upheaval and social cataclysm. Who are these perpetrators that found it expedient to betray their fellow man. What rationalizations did they invent to make themselves comfortable. The fact that their power became overwhelmingly seductive does not assuage our pain or the pain of 3 billion people living in squalor. Living in many cases in a countryside devastated by warfare. The fact that some have tried to better the system only to give up at the enormity of the task still does not assuage our collective pain. And our guilt.

The great outcry of all the souls through all the ages is deafening. It is time for a momentous change. For the many who recognize their own shortcomings, their own failures and the needs of their soul to heal and reverse their path in this life...for all future lives, now is a good time to look into your heart of hearts.

I truly feel sorry for those who think we merely live this life and then die. They don't believe in a soul. They don't believe they have a soul. They don't believe in an oversoul. They don't believe in a multidimensional universe. They don't believe in God. Show me the proof they say. But they will learn. The nihilists always learn. Everything you do matters.

If you are one of the leaders in government, galactic interaction or the military who saved your eternal soul by aiding in bringing the GESARA plan into being, the Earth owes you more than we can express. Yours was the hardest path to take.

The universe knows which leaders cared and those who tried. To those who fought us, know that you never ever truly get away with anything. There is always the path of redemption yet available to all who have not truly surrendered. If you have been a leader and you have been a part of the problem, today is the day to change your soul's course. Today is the day to surrender.

Restive Sage

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 17 2017

Compiled 12:04 am EDT 17 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. Oct. 15 2017 6:56 pm EDT Sunday, Yosef Report, Gary Larrabee, Sharon: Sharen Shares "Some Seemingly Good News From Yosef" !! "Souvenier Bundle" Intel as of Sunday PM:

1. Redemption estimates show 50 million Americans have currency and who, through an email, will be given exchange instructions and an 800 number to make their exchange appointments.

2. On Sat. night Oct. 14 pallets of the new gold-asset-backed USN were delivered to redemption centers through military helecoptors or convoys and the USNs were deposited into the US banking system.

3. In Reno the Admiral will be redeeming IQD and VND as scheduled, but won't be redeeming Zim.

4. Reno Zim holders took the Zim Sovereign rate of $.000018 to 1 USD and would be referred to HSBC to exchange.

5. As of Sun. Oct. 15 the new currency rates were as follows:

Private Rates Public Rates

Zim $ 5.32 $ .16
IQD $ 34.67 $3.71
VND $ 28.31 $2.75

6. Private redemptions would occur Mon. Oct. 16 to Oct. 22 (6 day redemption period).

7. Public redemptions would occur Tues. Oct 17 to Oct. 30 (13 day redemption period).

8. On Oct. 31 the revalued currency rates would appear on the Forex for the global trading public.

9. There would never, ever be a public announcement about US currency returning to the gold standard.

10. There were 12 Call Centers. Two would always be active, with 10 used as backups that switched every 4 hours.

11. There were specific Zim Call Centers in each Call Center that would be manned by military personnel.

12. The new USN has a deeper color and would replace the Federal Reserve note.

13. Redeemers would be receiving a $10,000 souvenier bundle of USNs.

B. Oct. 16 2017 4:43 pm EDT, Bluwolf Intel: "Attention Everyone" - Bluwolf Intel Update 10-16-17 Just got a clear second of communication on my phone. Attn. everyone: be ready. The 800 number should be here briefly.

C. Oct. 16 2017 11:35 am EDT GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 16, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Everyone will receive Prosperity Packages once the USN was activated.

2. "Prosperity Packages" were where every citizen received funds directly from the government as part of a debt relief program (separate from the RV). Other countries also might be giving Prosperity Packages to their citizens.

3. The USN would replace the USD.

4. The new international currency rates would appear on the Forex after all currency holders have exchanged. That was expected to happen by the end of Oct. 2017.

5. The 800#s were to be released at any moment.

D. Oct. 15 2017 ZAP Report and Oct. 16 2017 8:39 pm EDT Zap Update: ZAP "Duct Tape" - ZAP Update - The Office of POOFness - 10.16.17

1. We have 2 more days (Thurs. Oct. 19) to wait for our first funds and the bank has no choice now, according to the lawyer.

2. By the end of this week our project funds would begin their sequence.

3. The Elders were pleased that all was in readiness.

4. Currency exchanges were going full force.

5. Most people I know understood that closings were this week, while the cutoff for submissions was already here.

6. The forces that have delayed our releases were tuckered out. This week a few things would begin for us, along with a few other sister organizations.

7. Most of the structures were in place for the process of release.

8. Our distribution of funds to the global projects was the first job.

9. A few have cashed out their currency, mostly with the Zim. We expected to hear about many more this coming week.

10. We do not know details of the payouts, but would know soon. Payouts with large amounts would be on a structured payout system of a year, or thirty years, depending on budgets and who was accomplishing the work.

11. Despite the nature of the funds and their intent in helping humanity, security concerns surrounding the fundings were being strictly addressed. The Elders had a protocol that prevented the bad guys and various mafias from taking advantage.

12. The mechanism of release of funds for humanitarian purposes was a two stage process with all the work done on the front end. That meant the organization that performed deployment of services (food, shelter, medicine, disaster relief, etc.) was the vetting mechanism.

13. Once a project had the green light it received preliminary funds.

14. Once the project completed the vetting process, a doable budget would be submitted. The time between submission to receiving the first funds would be very fast. They duplicated the security checks and gave expert opinion during the vetting process.

15. The secondary and completely separate mechanism to double check the organization's efforts was very stringent.

16. The release of funds to a project was fast, but the time for vetting and preparing the file might take from hours to months.

17. We structured each project according to it's requirements and provided lawyers and accountants that would perform infrastructure requirements. Minimization of tax exposure was an area of focus.

18. We have spent many years getting projects funded for the right reasons.

19. This would begin this week.

20. We finally have a movie coming out about leaked intelligence on HAARP including chemtrails, hurricanes and weather control:


21. China was dedicating a lot of it's alloted infrastructure funds to it's senior population, with massive buildouts of assisted care facilities, medical centers, senior centers and so on. We would do the same in North America.

E. Oct. 16 2017 7:53 pm EDT TNT Call RayRen98: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 10-16-17

1. The IMF meeting should conclude Oct. 16, although members told me that yesterday was the last day of actual meetings on the schedule.

2. There may be meetings that were not scheduled, and the outcome of those meetings would tell us whether to be very, very excited for this week, or for next week.

3. Banks have shifted their ‘on call’ process to the end of this week, although anything could happen between now and then.

F. Oct. 16 2017 2:51 pm EDT "Convictions," Anonymous: "Convictions" by (Anonymous) - 10.16.17 I would like to address something that is being floated about people who have been convicted of a crime not being able to exchange:

1. The United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. When someone makes a statement that a person who has been convicted of a crime cannot exchange, they do not know what they are talking about. They do not realize that 25% of the population of the US has either been in prison, or been on parole or probation.

2. There are people that have been incarcerated who own currency that they bought legally.

3. Some people have put out that if a person was incarcerated in their past that they would not be able to exchange. That is not true.

4. There are only certain things that the bank, which is not a law enforcement agency, can check. One of those is not your past.

5. Unless there is someone there from Interpol, which is the agency in charge of compliance checks, then it should be alright.

6. If there are law enforcement people there at the exchange the most that they would be able to do is check to see if there are any warrants outstanding. If there is then they could arrest that person.

7. It would take a lot of law enforcement officers to be present at the exchanges, so I do not think that will be done because it would an infringement on a person rights, especially if they purchase the currency legally.

G. Oct. 16 2017 1:30 am EDT Bush-Clinton Pedophile Ring, Tom Heneghan:
Tom Heneghan: Bush-Clinton Homosexual Pedophile Sex Ring Has Been Totally Unmasked

H. Oct. 16 2017 2:01 pm EDT: "Attempts to Start War Fail" - Fulford Report Excerpt - 10.16.17

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