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"Take it or Leave it" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Fisher - 1.15.18

Entry Submitted by Fisher at 6:44 PM EST on January 15, 2018 • The military is saying that the UST is getting pressure from heads ofnstate...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"All or None" - GCR/RV Community Message - Monday - 1.15.18

Received via email at 7:15 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"All or None"

Yes, I know it's MLK day in the US. But given past posts, perhaps you'll give me a pass on this one.

Because to me it's a perfect moment to muddy the waters of all the blatant Anglo-Saxon lies and reflect upon some hard truths never sincerely served up to humanity openly.

Ok, so here's a fun brain teaser: What if all of the historic figures below were never physically assassinated, but only made to appear as such to more easily move public opinion in a specific direction that benefited your once controlling cabal (alien) masters?

If you believe none of these reported assassinations were faked, please dismiss this post. My apologies for event he suggestion.

But if you believe all of these reported assassinations were faked, imagine what else have the same cabal masters lied to humanity about for centuries.

It would make all of society one gigantic bold faced lie, hidden in plain sight and fed back to us for decades in every form of communication.

Everything cultural (and religious) would therefore come into immediate question. Everything. And nobody wants to live like that. Including me.

Ah, but higher consciousness doth come with a price, and that's the hard truth. So does infinite wealth. It's the same price sadly.

Thus, a great choice will soon be made by all when redeeming gold/platinum backed ZIM currency for an infinite amount depending on your tolerance for love… either remain asleep in ignorance or awaken and write/rewrite human history… one can perish in fear or rise to create a new reality of agape love and perpetual abundance… basically the choices are terminate or ascend your soul.

It's literally a life or death decision… all or none.

Now as I have offered to this community without ceasing, surrender is self is the only pathway through the narrow gate of Heaven. As only with God rests the wisdom to manage such an opportunity in the new fifth dimension.

Just know the time has come to make your choice because the global financial system is just about to be revealed as the gigantic lie it has always been, all be it for the first time in human history, and fed lovingly back to the world in every form of digital communication that will spread worldwide.

Most won't know what's going on, but you will. It's no wonder the cabal fought to their absolute end to stop such an event. The truth is what they feared, as only they could be physically eliminated by it's uncompromising hand finally being on the wrong side of actual history.

So choose wisely. Your future (and life) depends on it.

All is well.

"Encrypted" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - 1.15.18 (9)

Received via email at 5:15 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Sent 16:00 EST via encrypted message to bank chairmen and event personnel:

“Release sundown. All institutions active.”

"Take it or Leave it" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Fisher - 1.15.18

Entry Submitted by Fisher at 6:44 PM EST on January 15, 2018

• The military is saying that the UST is getting pressure from heads ofnstate from all over the world that is forcing them to release andnthey're very close

• Exchange Centers are fully staffed and open and prepped for full on activity. We are in active awareness mode expecting notification anytime now.

• Also banks received memo that all institutions will be active this evening for the event

Event Date Solved: Occurs in Early 2018

Published on Jan 13, 2018

Here are all the FORENSICS: Based on RECENT EVENTS in December 2017, We can now (with confidence) provide a narrow window for the EVENT TIMELINE, The RAPTURE, and Second Coming of Christ

(We FEEL IT STILL, yet we’re SORRY NOT SORRY that those BAD AT LOVE will somehow find a way. SOMETHING BIG JUST HAPPENED on the Winter Solstice 2017 to help us all in a big, big way. Get the Details here in this video.)

"Re: Chinese Elders and Numb" - Hope for the World - 1.15.18

Entry Submitted by Hope for the World at 6:15 PM EST on January 15, 2018

"Numb" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - 1.15.18 (9)

Since we have been told that the Chinese Elders retain the rights to final release of the exchange, and they apparently feel the need for us to completely numb-out prior to their being willing to do such release, my special f*** y** will come by way of an exposure. It’s time people know who the Chinese Elders really are and what atrocities they have performed against our planet and our races since their arrival some 13,000 years ago.

First, a stroll through more recent history.

Doesn’t this tactic of delaying our blessing until after the holidays in order to demoralize us and put us back on the hamster wheel and in servitude to some unknown higher power feel sickeningly familiar?

Doesn’t this day feel exactly like October 31, 2013, the date when the RV was first opened up by the IMF, and the Wells Fargo bankers and the Washington DC politicians – mostly Democrats – were allowed to start exchanging themselves out at rates of up to $35.00+?

Do you recall that it was the Chinese Elders who had provided a large “pool” of money – a billion dollars if I remember correctly…? – which was somehow tied to oil credits, to which “American citizens” would have access at the time of the Iraqi dinar exchange? And thus the RV was opened on 10/31/13 and the banksters and the politicians were first in line, and we were told we would go once they were finished paying themselves.

Remember how we waited and waited while the banksters and the politicians paid and paid and paid themselves – until it became apparent that some of the bankers and the politicians had begun to double dip into the Chinese Elder’s pool of funds? And then some of them began to triple dip, and some of them even quadruple dipped. And the Chinese Elders knew this. And the IMF knew this. And the management at Wells Fargo CERTAINLY knew this. But no one said a single word to stop those banksters and politicians while they drained that pool dry of all the Chinese Elder’s funds. A billion bucks…gone to the banksters and politicians.

And didn’t we throw a fit about that, yes we did! So much so that those wonderful Chinese Elders finally took pity on us and pumped another half billion (if I remember correctly…?) back into the pool, and we were told that we would now be allowed to exchange our Iraqi dinar. With one small delay. The banksters and the politicians just wanted to pay out a few of their “friends and families” slightly ahead of us, so please be patient a little bit longer. Right?

And so we were patient – as patient as we could possibly be – until the day came when Wells Fargo said ok, it’s your turn now…except, oops, darn it we accidentally used up all the funds in the Chinese Elder’s pool on our friends and family. Sorry.

Only, they didn’t say sorry. They said we were a bunch of toothless crackheads and that they had never planned on giving us a shot at the Chinese Elder’s funds. They also said that the Chinese Elders felt they had honored their word to make funds available to “American citizens” because, after all, the banksters and the politicians were Americans, weren’t they?

Now, at this point in this historical rundown, family, I would like to draw your attention to an interesting coincidence. Right around this time four years ago as the Chinese Elders were CLEARLY greasing the palms (aka bribing) of corrupt American banksters and politicians, the now defunct and bankrupted USA Corp. was being dismantled, its debt being sold off to the highest bidder. And who was that highest bidder? That’s right, the Chinese Elders. And thus they gained control over our current government and our future government – a fact that Yosef has never been hesitant to remind us of. How does that make you feel, currency family?

And here we are four years later, we have been through the mill slowly nudging this whole RV/CGR thing into the Light, wrestling it away from the lizards and the cabal to bring the human races back up to their rightful and sovereign status on the planet. And there has been no fraction of an inch movement forward that wasn’t met with a wicked mass of resistance. Not a smidgen. And this is where we are today. Being told by the Chinese Elders that we need to be apathetic, hopeless, and emotionally broken before they will release the exchange.

People, you know darn well they have no plan of EVER releasing the exchanges to us. It’s just not in their DNA to do that. Speaking of which, the remainder of this post will be devoted to the seven papers representing the Worldwide Brotherhood of Man Series, the 7th and final paper being published here for the first time. This is compelling information to say the least, this connecting of the dots leading back to the arrival of man’s enslavers on this planet. Interesting stuff.


Just before delving into that, though, I wish to insert a brief aside. When you have finished to the conclusion of the papers and you are pondering all that has been presented here as to the Chinese Elders, harken back to the “Message from the Chinese Elders for December 31, 2017” received to this blog. Remember how you felt as you read those words, so condescending to this community. And then for fun watch this video of Rudolf the Tall White Alien as he confesses that white people are not human (I personally question if the elders are really Chinese…), and notice how he speaks with a remarkably similar attitude to the Chinese Elders message. It’s just one of those things that make you wonder…


To end my post I wish to inform the “Alliance,” whom I am certain is reading this, that it is thoroughly incumbent upon you to act on the information provided above indicating criminal activity on the part of the Chinese Elders. All of the evidence is available, from the actual payment contracts executed with the bank by the Chinese to the recipients, dates, and amounts of the myriad unlawful exchanges. And as this evidence points to the Chinese using foreign currency exchanges – involving countries that were intentionally invaded for the specific purpose of devaluing their currency so that particular banking and political insiders could reap billions in backdoor exchanges – to bribe Washington politicians into doing their bidding, you must instigate an immediate investigation. And you must remove the Chinese Elders from the current release obligation. They should have no part in this process.


An Introduction to Worldwide Brotherhood of man:

The Fall of Earth’s Planetary Prince:

The Value of Gold:

Deciphering Sumeria:

Getting Back to God

A Follow-up to the Question on Deciphering Sumeria

“Enter the Dragon” by Hope for the World

We continue in pursuit of the question raised here:

“If Lucifer did, in fact, pull earth man out of Creator God’s plan for our infinite spiritual ascension, isolate and quarantine us, and genetically lock us into living perpetual lifetimes in servitude to a gold-lusting non-human species, then who has this gold today?”

Our “Follow-up to the Question on Deciphering Sumeria” left us looking toward the suddenly appearing dragon-like Anunnaki peoples of Sumeria, henceforth referred to here as the dragon race or the dragon family.

It is important to note at this point that another aspect of evolution which is consistent upon all inhabited worlds of creation, that being that races of between three to six colors make their appearance on all evolutionary planets. On this world there appeared:

1. The red man. These peoples were remarkable specimens of the human race. They were a most intelligent group and were the races first to develop a tribal civilization and government. They were always monogamous; even their mixed descendants seldom practiced plural mating.

In later times they had serious and prolonged trouble with their yellow brethren in Asia. They were aided by their early invention of the bow and arrow, but they had unfortunately inherited much of the tendency of their ancestors to fight among themselves, and this so weakened them that the yellow tribes were able to drive them off the Asiatic continent.

About 85,000 years ago the comparatively pure remnants of the red race went en masse across to North America, and shortly thereafter the Bering land isthmus sank, thus isolating them. No red man ever returned to Asia. But throughout Siberia, China, central Asia, India, and Europe they left behind much of their stock blended with the other colored races.

2. The orange man. The outstanding characteristic of this race was their peculiar urge to build, to build anything and everything, even to the piling up of vast mounds of stone just to see which tribe could build the largest mound. Though they were not a progressive people, they profited much from the schools of Ascension and sent delegates there for instruction.

The orange race was the first to follow the coastline southward toward Africa as the Mediterranean Sea withdrew to the west. But they never secured a favorable footing in Africa and were wiped out of existence by the later arriving green race. The last great struggle between the orange and the green men occurred in the region of the lower Nile valley in Egypt. This long-drawn-out battle was waged for almost one hundred years, and at its close very few of the orange race were left alive. The shattered remnants of these people were absorbed by the green and by the later arriving indigo men. But as a race the orange man ceased to exist about one hundred thousand years ago.

3. The yellow man. The primitive yellow tribes were the first to abandon the chase,

establish settled communities, and develop a home life based on agriculture. Intellectually they were somewhat inferior to the red man, but socially and collectively they proved themselves superior to all of the colored races in the matter of fostering racial civilization. Because they developed a fraternal spirit, the various tribes learning to live together in relative peace, they were able to drive the red race before them as they gradually expanded into Asia.

They traveled far from the influences of the spiritual headquarters of the world (located in Mesopotamia) and drifted into great darkness following the Lucifer Rebellion. The survival of comparatively large numbers of the yellow race is due to their inter-tribal peacefulness. From the early days to the times of modern China, the yellow race has been numbered among the more peaceful of the nations of this world.

4. The green man. The green race was one of the less able groups of primitive men, and they were greatly weakened by extensive migrations in different directions. Before their dispersion these tribes experienced a great revival of culture under the leadership of one named Fantad, some 350,000 years ago.

The green race split into three major divisions: The northern tribes were subdued, enslaved, and absorbed by the yellow and blue races. The eastern group was amalgamated with the Indian peoples of those days, and remnants still persist among them. The southern nation entered Africa, where they destroyed their almost equally inferior orange cousins.

In many ways both groups were evenly matched in this struggle since each carried strains of the giant order, many of their leaders being eight and nine feet in height. These giant strains of the green man were mostly confined to this southern or Egyptian nation.

The remnants of the victorious green men were subsequently absorbed by the indigo race, the last of the colored peoples to develop and emigrate from the original center of race dispersion.

5. The blue man. The blue men were a great people. They early invented the spear and subsequently worked out the rudiments of many of the arts of modern civilization. The blue man had the brainpower of the red man associated with the soul and sentiment of the yellow man. The Adamic descendants (Adam and Eve) preferred them to all of the later persisting colored races.

The early blue men were responsive to the persuasions of the teachers of the Planetary Prince’s original staff, and were thrown into great confusion by the subsequent perverted teachings of those traitorous leaders who followed the Lucifer Rebellion. Like other primitive races they never fully recovered from the turmoil produced by the Prince’s betrayal, nor did they ever completely overcome their tendency to fight among themselves.

The European researches and explorations of the Old Stone Age have largely to do with unearthing the tools, bones, and artcraft of these ancient blue men, for they persisted in Europe until recent times. The so-called white races of this world are the descendants of these blue men as they were first modified by slight mixture with yellow and red, and as they were later greatly upstepped by assimilating the greater portion of the later appearing violet race.

6. The indigo race. As the red men were the most advanced of all the races, so the black men were the least progressive. They were the last to migrate from their highland homes. They journeyed to Africa, taking possession of the continent, and have ever since remained there except when they have been forcibly taken away, from age to age, as slaves.

Isolated in Africa, the indigo peoples, like the red man, received little or none of the race elevation which would have been derived from the infusion of the Adamic stock. Alone in Africa, the indigo race made little advancement until the days of the arrival of a heavenly messenger known as Orvonon, when they experienced a great spiritual awakening. While they later almost entirely forgot the “God of Gods” proclaimed by Orvonon, they did not entirely lose the desire to worship the Unknown; at least they maintained a form of worship up to a few thousand years ago.

Notwithstanding their backwardness, these indigo peoples have exactly the same standing before the celestial powers as any other earthly race.

And thus are all races represented among the vast variety of evolutionary species, each world experiencing its own historical unfolding. There are many good and sufficient reasons for the plan of evolving either three or six colored races on the worlds of space – variety is indispensable to opportunity for the wide functioning of natural selection, and differential survival of superior strains. Hence, as the great racial groups of this world extensively warred, migrated, and intermingled, as the human remains of the last 20,000 years are unearthed, it will be impossible to clearly distinguish the six original types. Study of such skeletal structures will disclose that mankind is now divided into approximately three classes: the Caucasoid, the Mongoloid, and the Negroid.

The Caucasoid. The Occidental white races, together with some Indian and Turanian peoples, are included in this group.

The Mongoloid. Includes the original red, yellow, and blue races. The Malayan and other Indonesian peoples are also included in this classification.

The Negroid. Originally included the orange, green, and indigo races. This is the type best illustrated by the Negro, and it will be found through Africa, India, and Indonesia.

A final note here regarding the color spectrum of mortal man is a reminder that across all-that-is, God is no respecter of a persons’ race. When the determination is made as to whether a soul continues on its’ ascension path or withers on the vine, God does not look to our ancestral trees.

And so we return to the question of the introduction of a gold seeking non-human race upon this evolutionary world, and we recall that around 2500 BC the Sumerians were largely absorbed into the Semites of the East, well-organized and well-led horsemen who invaded the eastern regions of Mesopotamia’s fertile crescent and were there united with the Babylonians. We hear no more of the Sumerian dragon race except for the curious scriptural connection of the dragon becoming the symbolic representation of all evil personages during the age of the Lucifer Rebellion – which, as we have said, was concurrent to the arrival of the Sumerian dragon race.

“He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years…”

Lucifer, Satan, and the apostate Planetary Princes of the Lucifer Rebellion are referred to as “the dragon” in various materials describing the “War in Heaven.” Thereafter the event of the Lucifer Rebellion did the dragon become both a symbol of fear and worship among some of man’s races.

During the Egyptian period, there arose a dragon and serpent-worshipping cult that spread to Babylon, India, the Orient, the Pacific islands and finally the North American continent. In the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures, dragons have played an integral part in the culture since the beginning of recorded history. According to legend, China's first imperial dynasty was said to have dragon blood coursing through their veins, leading to the Chinese people referring to themselves as "descendants of the dragon."

And here we must end off our search for the gold seeking Sumerian dragon race, for to go further is impossible. There are simply no records that bear out any further connection between the dragon race any of the other various races of man on this planet.

However, in regard to the current races of this world, we have made an important observation. We are aware that the mortal elders of the Negroid remnant of the indigo race upon the mineral rich continent of Africa have offered 50% of future diamond production to the mortal elders of the Mongoloid remnant of the great yellow race of China in exchange for diamond mining technology. This exchange will allow the mortal Chinese elders to purchase profuse amounts of African gold directly from mortal African elders. As this negotiation intentionally excludes the Caucasoid race, we have reason to wonder if this act is conducive to the forward spiritual evolution of this world and it mortal inhabitants, or if the barbaric nature of early man has not yet been fully transcended upon this earth. We pray for this planet’s survival, and we beseech the reader to bear one thing in the forefront of their mind:

Current conditions create the impression that mankind today remains enslaved to “higher powers.” But remember this. Even if one perceives that he is being mentally, emotionally, financially, and even physically controlled by a so-called “higher power,” he must never forget that that he and he alone has control over his spiritual destiny. And that is worth everything.

"Smart Humanitarians/Post-RV" by LuLu - 1.15.18

Entry Submitted by LuLu at 9:57 PM EST on January 15, 2018

While we are waiting for "them" to press the Go Button...

I would like to offer some valuable info for the Humanitarians in the group. (Especially ZIM holders because of numbers).

Available now on Amazon Prime, Netflix or on Youtube for 3.99 rental is a great documentary called POVERTY.inc.

It is 1.5 hours long and full of amazing ideas to get your wheels going on things you can do for Humanitarian projects.

It is also extremely educational because it exposes the "dark side" of foreign aid/ charities and what is broken about the system.

Humanitarians beware!

Be smart about where you are going to invest...

You could unknowingly be increasing some "Fat Hog's" golden parachute salary and only sending a few dollars to those who actually need the help.

Or worse...

you could unknowingly be preventing a country from getting back on its feet while its literally drowning in rice and 2nd hand clothes for years and years.

The "Charity / Foreign Aid" system is seriously broken.

One of my Humanitarian projects is to change that. Thanks to this film- this is How WE can.

This little documentary will fill you in and help you pass the time (inspirationally) while we again, all wait for the Go button.

(Press it already! WE have good things to do!!)

Another option you might want to research on google is "Impact Investing" which covers a world, literally, of opportunities to help people grow their local economies and all of the "funds" are tracked to the last penny.

Here is the Youtube Official Movie trailer to POVERTY.inc

When you watch the film, have a pen and paper handy because you will get ideas. Jot them down.

Please don't forget to think "Long Term" some projects will take 10-20 years to complete because of sheer size and scope.


Rebuild America according to Congress will cost at least 3 TRILLION - each Trillion = 15 Million jobs x 3 = 45 Million jobs over the next 20 years!

(side note: 45 Million is about 13% of the US population to complete this task. Talk about job creation - WooHoo!)

Remember you aren't alone. WE can invest in projects together to make a bigger, better impact. So - don't forget to "share" when we've completed this transition.


"Question Regarding Pound of Flesh" by Rick Cortright - 1.15.18

Entry Submitted by Rick Cortright at 9:41 PM EST on January 15, 2018

"Pound of Flesh" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - 1/14/2018 (8)


Recently it was stated in the Chronicles that The Bushes would NOT be held accountable for 911. Say what?

Obviously the Bushes WERE accountable for 911, including Big Dick Chaney. So the question emerges, what gives here? Is he going to be on the hook for JFK, as he (Sr.) should be? Has some kind of back room deal been cut? What the f**k!

If faith in the Rule of Law is EVER to be restored in America, letting the Bushes walk, deal or no deal, is an aggregious error, historically, now and forever.

Out here in the land of America, we are looking to you to make this right. Excluding the Bush family is NOT part of that equation.

Explain yourselves.

Deeply concerned citizen,

Rick Cortright


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